Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Pathway is Lit To Harrah's

There is a certain awe-invoking stillness in the night. Although lacking “cheerful invitation to make (a) life of equal simplicity,” (“What I Lived For” 88), night is all at once dangerously chaotic and religiously tranquil. Henry David Thoreau emphasized the rebirth found in every dawn and the reinvigoration that a body experiences in its wake. I, however, am a creature of the dark. One’s personal intellect can only truly be contacted and exercised in the nighttime. When one’s conscious mind is exhausted, the “genius” (WILF 89) and the Freudian 'Id' briefly co-occupy the conscious mind to allow for a natural creativity and re-awakening within the brain--as if a small window of imagination that is independent of the civilized waking mind suddenly opens and lets its cool breeze refresh stale thoughts. As George Herbert said, “Night is the mother of counsels”.

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